Patio Perfect

Patio Perfect

Patio Perfect

One-Coat Epoxy Pool Paint 2-Part Catalyst System

Make your patio...Patio Perfect! Warm earth tones will add beauty and protection to any worn patio or deck. Slip-resistant Patio Perfect rolls on easily, covers unsightly repairs, and lasts for years. Formulated with durable acrylic, Patio Perfect is the smart choice for rejuvenating sprayed or patterned concrete surfaces. Two coats required on initial application.

Coverage: 100 - 125 sq ft per gallon, depending on surface porosity.

Available Colors Online and At All Leslie's Pool Supplies Locations
Smooth Creame
Honey Mist
Wheat Dust
Desert Tan
Prairie Sand
Stone Creek

Where to buy?

Buy directly from Leslie's website. Colors shown will slightly differ from actual paint. For a more accurate color representation, ask your retailer for a Smart Seal Color Guide.

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