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Patio Perfect

Acrylic Patio and Deck Coating
Make your patio...Patio Perfect! Warm earth tones will add beauty and protection to any worn patio or deck. Slip-resistant Patio Perfect rolls on easily, covers unsightly repairs, and lasts for years.

Formulated with durable acrylic, Patio Perfect is your choice for rejuvenating sprayed or patterned concrete surfaces. Two coats required on initial application.

Coverage: 100 - 125 sq. ft per gallon, depending on surface porosity.

Acryl Seal

One-Coat Clear Acrylic Sealer
Acryl Seal is what you need to freshen and seal your decorative concrete or exposed aggregate. Acryl Seal rolls on easily to give years of protection against weather, traffic, and chemical exposures.

Formulated with the highest-quality acrylic resin, clear Acryl Seal gives any surface that new, glossy appearance. Only one coat required! If you want to protect and enhance without changing color, the smart choice is Acryl Seal!

Coverage: 300 sq. ft per gallon, depending on surface porosity.
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